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Polished concrete finishes both external and internal are our specialty, our tradesmen are extremely proficient and experienced at providing the highest quality finishes and we work closely with our clients to assure that there expectations are met

We offer the best quality of cement and sand rendering service in Melbourne. Cement rendering is a process of mixing sand and cement and it’s a part of pre-plastering. Our skilled tradespeople take care of every step of rendering and plastering to ensure the final result is flawless and durable. If you have any design in particular in your mind, we can get the design done within your budget.

Since we possess experience working on both commercial and residential sites, we can handle any project- large or small. And the best part of our cement rendering service is that we use hand-mixed products to make it coat strong and durable. If you want to know more about this service, you can call us at – +61 411 318 751

At Renders Technologies, we strive for the perfection. The success of our work reflects through the finish. When it comes to solid or hard plastering service, we make sure the finishes come out as best as you desire. Solid plastering is great for exterior and interior renovation. With the mixture of lime plaster, sand and cement, the wall is prepped for the further decorations such as tiling and brick work. To make sure the final result is flawless, we remove dust and dirt from the surface and apply scratch coat before the applying the final mixture. Our professionals know the right skill and knowledge to evenly coat the walls that will be perfectly ready for painting and tiling.

We offer and provide all forms of coloured textured acrylic finishes using the very best materials that the industry produces We achieve the highest quality finish at a cost effective price point

Our Stucco finishes are prepared to reproduce the classic heritage rough cast stucco look Whether its a repair or a modern home we can achieve your desired finish

Primarily focusing on offering a personalized service to those looking for a true all-surrounding solution to their lightweight cladding and walling requirements, Render Technology delivers the most cost-effective light weight cladding systems and plans.

From the installation of the sparking through to the finish wall, all tasks on site are handled by the same team of qualified and skilled people. With intimate knowledge of lightweight walling systems, we pride ourselves on offering a lot of other services as well.

Polystyrene Cladding is our core business and we have been supplying and installing a full system package since 1995.
All our systems are fully compliant and have BCA Accreditation and Certification.
We are the experts in this field and have highly trained tradesmen and are very competitively priced

Whilst we do not install ACC Cladding we have a full range of renders capable of achieving any high quality finish that you desire

Fibre cement sheeting is one of the greatest options for exterior wall cladding in Melbourne. It’s highly regarded for its durable features, superior strength and ability to withstand climatic changes. Fibre sheeting is used to prevent any volatile climatic change that many affect structures. Developed by James Hardie, fibre cement sheet is now high in demand for constructional use.

If you want to install fibre sheeting in your property, contact us at – +61 411 318 751.